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What to

Toss it in the bin:

  • Baking ingredients, spices, herbs, etc,

  • Candy, snack food, pastries, etc.

  • Cooked meat, shellfish, fish bones

  • Cut flowers & households plants

  • Dairy Products

  • Dryer Lint (not dryer sheets)

  • Eggshells

  • Fruits & Vegetables

  • Hair & Nail Clippings

  • Leftovers from Cooked Meals

  • Nutshells

  • Paper egg cartons, paper cupcake liners & other paper food packaging

  • Pasta, breads, cereals, & baked goods

  • Peels, pits & seeds

  • Pet food and Pet hair

  • Soiled napkins, paper towels, toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, etc (no chemicals!)

  • Anything labeled BPI Certified Compostable or ASTM D6400

  • Raw Meat & Fish

  • Plastic, Glass, Metal

  • Foam or Coated Paper Plates & Cups

  • Fabric, Sponges

  • Cling Wrap, Wrappers

  • Aluminum Foil

  • Plastic Utensils, Bags, Containers, Snack Bags

  • Pet Waste

  • "Eco-friendly" Products


Interested in Starting a Simple Habit with a Great Impact?

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Drop-Off Location



 Have dinner leftovers, pet hair, or even dryer lint?! All these materials can be composted with Mission Compost. Ready to start today? Click on the below link to start today.

Composting at our drop-off locations offers the opportunity to self-service your bins when it suits your schedule! Check out our different location: DROP-OFF LOCATIONS Click on the below link to start today.

From your break room to the cafeteria and even leftovers from a companywide luncheon, Mission Compost can help your organization to reach your sustainable goals. Fill out the inquiry form below to tell us more about your goals!

Make your event a sustainable one! Mission Compost makes it easy to incorporate a simple amenity for your attendees that makes a huge difference for our community. Fill out the inquiry form to request a quote!

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