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We provide a composting service to fit your lifestyle!

Allowing us to handle your composting is a straightforward yet significant action that contributes to improving your environmental footprint, bolstering the local community, and mitigating any unpleasant odors emanating from your waste.

Residential Services

Residential services start at $30 per month!

Mission Compost

Residential Process


Sign up

Put your address into our customer sign up form to sign up for our customer portal.

Get fresh composted soil

Every subscriber gets fresh compost delivered twice a year. Log in to the customer portal to request compost soil.

(min. 6 months of service to be eligible)

Pick your service plan

Select your bin size based on your composting needs


We pick it up

Mission Compost will service your compost bin based on your selected service.


Receive your welcome kit

Mission Compost will drop off your bins and composting tools based off of your selected service.

You fill it up

Fill up your Mission Compost bin with any compostable waste.

With your simple, powerful habit, you also benefit from:

1. Free Compost Soil Delivered Twice a Year
2. Impact Statistics of How Much Waste You Have Diverted
3. Being a Part of a Remarkable Community That is Making a Difference

Weekly and Monthly Service options!


Ranging from $30-$50 a month, Mission Compost will service your compost bin each week. We will pick up your compost each week and leave you with a fresh bin! 


Monthly Services - Ranging from $30-$35 a month, Mission Compost will provide you with bins and bokashi to compost your organic material over 4 weeks. Every 4 weeks, we will come by and service your bins and bokashi. 

*Weekly services are offered to certain areas of San Antonio.

Not sure what you can and can’t compost?

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