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Commercial Services

An impactful, sustainable initiative for your organization 

From installing compost bins in your office break room, handling kitchen waste in your restaurant, repurposing coffee grounds at your coffee shop, or diverting leftovers from your school cafeteria, we've supported countless organizations like yours in seamlessly and effectively integrating composting solutions.

Who we work with


Rose Hip Market

San Antonio, Texas

Rose Hip Market has partnered with Mission Compost to support their composting goals. Rose Hip Market has composted 3,131 pounds since working with Mission Compost. Learn about how Rose Hip Market utilizes the Mission Compost service to support their business.

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Please provide some basic information about your organization and composting goals you have in mind and we will reach out to discuss your custom composting solution!

Mission Compost

Commercial Process

Submit an inquiry

Fill out the inquiry form and we will be in touch to tailor a simple solution for your business.

Get fresh composted soil

Schedule a consult

Mission Compost will work with your organizations needs on how you would like your soil delivered. 

(min. 6 months of service to be eligble)

Mission Compost will send you an email in 2 business days to discuss your composting goals.

We pick it up

We will schedule a pick up based on your organization's needs.

Bins & employee training material

We will drop off your bins and employee training material. 

You fill it up

Fill up your Mission Compost bin with any compostable waste.

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Empowering Your Business & Our Community with Mission Compost

Real Time Data and Yearly Reports

We live in a data driven world, and data is essential when making educated, business decisions. Mission Compost provides data real time through our customer portal. At each bin service, we will weigh your bin and enter the figure into our customer portal. Check out an Impact Statistics Report Here.

Each year Mission Compost will provide a yearly report with an overview of your organization’s efforts. We also provide CO2 equivalency statistics to see how your efforts have made an environmental impact. Check out a Yearly Report Here.

Employee Training

Mission Compost provides employee training to show how easy it is to implement into your organization. We provide signage, stickers, and training videos to help increase engagement and education throughout the organization.

Compost Soil Return

Whether you want to use the soil at your business, share it with your employees, or donate to a charity, we will work with your team to deliver compost soil which is included in your contract pricing.

Community Engagement

  • Mission Compost wants to share your impact and efforts with the community. With our marketing team, we would love to create marketing content. You can contact our marketing team at for more information.
  • The City of San Antonio wants to recognize you for your sustainability efforts. Mission Compost can help you with your accreditation with the city’s ReWorksSA program. Learn more about the program here.

Fresh, Clean Bins

We take away the dirty bins and leave you with fresh, clean bins at each service.

Great Customer Service

Mission Compost provides accessible and responsive customer service to ensure you have a frictionless composting experience. Please email or call / text 210-791-8457 for any service needs.

Industry Standards

  • Mission Compost has invested into tools and resources to provide your organization with materials and accessibility for a productive partnership.
    • We work with your processes, such as GRMS, Corrigo, and insurance standards, to ensure we meet your vendor requirements. 
    • Our data-driven approach supports organizations’ efforts for zero waste, corporate governance policies, and other various green and sustainable initiatives.

Not sure what you can and can’t compost?

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