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Our Story

It's not a long drawn out story - it's actually a quite simple one... Mission Compost began in the summer of 2022 when two good friends had the desire to just do better. 


After cofounders Emma & Pilar began growing frustrated with their local waste provider (and lack of composting providers), they thought, “Why don’t we DO something about it?”

After some deliberation and a whole lot of planning, Mission Compost was born!

Our Philosophy

Little by little, we are on a mission to close the food loop! How do you close the food loop you ask? It's easy! Fill up your bin with your strawberry tops, wilted flowers, and coffee grounds and with our friends at Atlas Organics, we will work together to turn it into healthy, compost mulch for your garden to grow veggies and fruits for your family.


Closing the food loop! That's our mission and we are excited to start composting with you! 

Hometown: San Antonio

About: When not composting, she is found on walks with her husband Jake and labrador retriever Halsey!

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Meet Co-founder

Pilar Molak

Meet Co-founder

Emma Peacock

Hometown: Asheville

About: When not composting, she is found growing delicious vegetables with her husband Sam and their baby Johnny in their backyard! 

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